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Welcome to our golf shop! I'm Jon Gryn, I started Simple Golf Shop with my family because we noticed too many golfers were struggling to find quality, sustainable golf equipment and accessories.

That's why we started Simple Golf Shop to make it "simpler" for golfers of all skill levels to access the equipment and accessories they need to improve their game.

Along the way, we've helped countless golfers improve their game and and enjoy the sport more. We've expanded our product line to include the latest and greatest golf gear on the market. And we have built a community of loyal customers who trust us to provide them the best products and service. 

Our mission is to continue providing golfers with sustainable, quality equipment and accessories. We want to be the go-to destination for golfers everywhere, whether you're season pros or beginners just starting out. And more importantly, we want to continue building strong relationships with our customers and the communities we serve, so that they always feel valued and supported.

"Golf - simplified"

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